The ground helical gear is an advanced version of the spur gear design. The teeth of a ground helical gear are not parallel to the axis of rotation like spur gear but are set at an angle. This allows the teeth to mesh more slowly, resulting in smoother and quieter operation. HZPT produces ground 15° ground helical gears and ground 19° 31′ helical gears for high precision applications. We offer left-hand ground helical gears and right-hand ground helical gears – a pair of reversed helical gears will rotate parallel shafts in opposite directions. A set of left-hand and right-hand 15° ground helical gears can be used in place of spur gears. The slight helix angle of the gears provides smoother motion while applying only a small axial force on the shaft and bearings. Our 19°31′ ground helical gears are designed to run with racks with the same helix angle.

Module 1, 100 Tooth, Left Hand, Ground Helical Gears

Bore Type: Ground
Transverse Module: 1
No. of teeth: 100
The direction of Helix: Left Hand
Shape: S1
Bore (A): 15.0 (mm)
Hub Diameter (B): 50.0 (mm)
Pitch Diameter (C): 100.00 (mm)
Outer Diameter (D): 102.00 (mm)
Face Width (E): 8.0 (mm)
Hub Width (F): 10.0 (mm)
Total Length (G): 18.00 (mm)
Helix Angle: 21°30′
Pressure Angle: 20°

Advantages of Ground Helical Gears

  • More accurate finish: Precision ground helical gears feature a more precise tooth finish than machined or cut gears, providing a better, smoother gear teeth mesh for more controlled operation.
  • More material options: While machining, stamping, and other manufacturing processes may limit material options, nearly any metal or alloy can be made into gear via grinding. You can improve performance by selecting the best-suited material for your application rather than the “best available option.”
  • Higher loads & better performance: Because of how they’re manufactured, ground helical gears can handle higher loads and higher stresses than gears produced via other means. Ground helical gears are beneficial in large amounts of torque applications.

Thanks to these unique advantages, precision ground helical gears can outperform gears manufactured through other means in most applications. Ground helical gears deliver smoother performance and greater longevity.